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Veal Heartbreak – from farm to slaughterhouse

Perhaps the most heartbreaking farm animal practice is the raising of veal. Despite substantial public opposition, hundreds of thousands of calves raised for veal are intensively confined in individual crates too narrow for them even to turn around. Tethered by their necks to further restrict their movement, they’re virtually immobilized for their entire 16 week-long … Continue reading

Octopus – Don’t beat it, don’t eat it!

There’s been quite the furor recently after a diver was seen last year punching an 80 pound Giant Pacific Octopus at Alki Cove 2 he caught in order to subdue it. He said he wanted to capture it and take it home, “to draw it for this art project, and eat it for meat.” Outrage … Continue reading

Obama Adminstration Chickens Out

The news about chicken just keeps getting worse. As if we needed yet another reason not to eat chicken, the Obama administration has just caved in to “big chicken” by issuing new slaughterhouse regulations. These will save the industry over $256 million every year by speeding up the pace of processing and reducing the number … Continue reading

Who are the Fur-Bearer Defenders?

Many vegetarians these days are extending their practice to products they use on their bodies, such as beauty aids and clothing, in much the same way as they do their food choices. This is especially true when it comes to fur coats and other fur products. To find out more, we contacted Lesley Fox, the Executive Director … Continue reading

The Eagle and the Turkey – a Tale of Two Birds

Those concerned with animal welfare often ask the following question: isn’t it kind of arbitrary the way we care for, love, and protect some animals, such as cats and dogs, while allow others such as cows, pigs and chickens to be raised under harsh conditions, only to be slaughtered under even worse circumstances?   The … Continue reading

A Well Fed World – Interview

While giving thanks for all that we have over the upcoming holidays, many of us like to remember all those in the world who do not have enough to eat.  One organization which is working hard to promote a plant-based diet as a solution to global hunger is A Well-Fed World.  We contacted Dawn Moncrief, … Continue reading

Court Battles for Animals and the Environment

Frequently these days, people who care about the plight of farm animals are taking their case to court. Thanks to a number of laws passed with the support and backing of groups such as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), those concerned with animal welfare are able to use the legal system to … Continue reading

Interview with Gene Baur, Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary is special. While there are a number of animal welfare groups out there, some of which go beyond cats, dogs and wildlife to include farm animals, there are very few which devote themselves solely to the farm animals.  Farm Sanctuary was founded in 1986 in response to the abuses of factory farming, and … Continue reading

Carrie Underwood moves closer to Vegan

Country music star Carrie Underwood has won six Grammy awards, 16 Billboard Music awards, seven American Music awards and 11 Academy of Country Music awards (where does she keep them all?). But perhaps her greatest award is being a vegetarian and now nearly vegan. Carrie explains what started it all.  Her experiences growing up on … Continue reading

Out of Sight Slaughter

One of the most powerful motivations to become a vegetarian, for people sensitive to the plight of farm animals, is the harsh conditions on what are known as factory farms. For instance, on these farms chickens are routinely confined to battery cages so tightly they can’t even turn around, and pigs are immobilized in gestational … Continue reading

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