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Veg Diet = Lower Blood Pressure

Yet another study has reconfirmed what we already knew: that a plant-based diet promotes a lower blood pressure than a meat-centered one. The connection between a veg diet and blood pressure is a very strong one. The doctors conducting the study, just published in Internal Medicine, conclude that “controlled trials suggest a robust relationship between … Continue reading

Spring Clean your Heart

Friday is Valentine’s Day, and so, naturally, many people will be concerned with affairs of the heart. But did you know that February is also Heart Health month? And, while it’s not quite spring yet, many people will be starting their spring cleaning early by cleaning out the clogged arteries that lead to heart attacks, … Continue reading

The Flu – What can we do?

The swine flu is here and it’s serious this year. It will make some sick, some so sick they need to be hospitalized, and sadly some will die. Because there are no uniform reporting requirements in Washington, and because most will tough it out at home, it’s hard to get reliable statistics, but we do know … Continue reading

America’s First Vegetarian Jail

Inmates in Arizona’s Maricopa County jail system, totaling roughly 8,000 in number, will no longer be eating meat, in what has just become America’s first all vegetarian jail system. The Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, explained that he’s taking his prison system vegetarian and says that “there will be no more meat on the menu.” The jail … Continue reading

FDA Bans Trans Fats – Good News, or is it?

The FDA has just taken a small step for our health by proposing to ban added trans fats in the American food supply, citing its role in increasing cholesterol levels, which leads to the clogged arteries that cause heart disease and most strokes. Trans fats, also termed partially hydrogenated fats and oils, have been used … Continue reading

East Eats West, and Gets Diabetes!

It’s a diabetes disaster! Rapidly escalating levels of meat, poultry, fish and egg consumption have combined to give China the highest rates of diabetes in the world. Yes, their rate of this so called “western disease” is now even higher than ours. The statistics are both startling and sobering. 12% of Chinese now have diabetes … Continue reading

Girls growing up too soon

It’s back-to-school time, so naturally many of our thoughts turn to the kids. There’s a sensitive topic that we need to discuss. Many people have begun to notice that girls are reaching puberty at younger and younger ages. In medicine it’s known as precocious puberty. Medical authorities have been noticing the trend for some time, … Continue reading

Carrie Underwood moves closer to Vegan

Country music star Carrie Underwood has won six Grammy awards, 16 Billboard Music awards, seven American Music awards and 11 Academy of Country Music awards (where does she keep them all?). But perhaps her greatest award is being a vegetarian and now nearly vegan. Carrie explains what started it all.  Her experiences growing up on … Continue reading

New York Patients receive Fruit and Veggie Prescriptions

It’s no secret that most Americans do not eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables. This problem is especially acute in lower income groups. The growing obesity problem is also no secret, with one third of Americans now qualifying as overweight and another one third as obese. It’s here, as with other health problems such as … Continue reading

Diverticulosis – The common disease you’ve never heard of

A relatively common disease,  diverticulosis, is a disease that very few people talk about, but that still can cause plenty of problems.  Diverticula are small sacks and pockets that form in the colon as a result of years on a low-fiber diet. Lack of fiber in the diet means that stools tend to be small … Continue reading

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