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Kellie Pickler Goes Veg!

American country music artist, Kellie Pickler, cooked up a vegetarian storm on ABC-TV’s “The Chew,” before her recent performance in Las Vegas. The winner of many music awards, Pickler said that she chose to live a vegetarian lifestyle after being exposed to the inhumane ways animals are exploited. Also, she said that since becoming “a … Continue reading

Veg Olympians

We’re all excited about the winter Olympics in Sochi! Plant-fueled athletes won their share of medals in the summer Olympics in London.  As of this writing the winter games are just beginning, but we’ve already scored our first veg Olympian medal. Canadian vegan Meagan Duhamel just won a silver medal in team figure skating at … Continue reading

What a Year for the Veg World!

What year 2013 was for the veg world! In fact, it’s hard to come up with a more significant year for the vegetarian movement in the last 100 years or more. We saw Al Gore become the first ever Vice President to go vegan. As one of the leaders of the environmental movement, the significance … Continue reading

Andy Jacobs – A Giant has passed

While celebrating all the gains made by vegetarians during the past year, we should always remember that our accomplishments are in no small way due to the groundbreaking work of those who came before us and set the stage for progress. Much of the credit belongs to them. We stand on the shoulders of giants. … Continue reading

Al Gore Goes Vegan

Al Gore has finally gone vegan. People were beginning to wonder, since he had been ordering only vegan food at events. He had also spoken about reducing his meat consumption in light of livestock’s impact on global warming several years ago, giving us a glimmer of hope. At that time he admitted, “It’s absolutely correct … Continue reading

Faith-Based Veg Diets

At this time of year, many turn their thoughts to the various faith-based communities. Here are just a few new developments of veg-interest that have caught our notice. This adds to the already rich veg-offerings of many faith communities, both East and West, which are already well established. Israeli PM Joins Meatless Mondays Vegetarian food choices … Continue reading

Emily Deschanel is vegan

Emily Deschanel, star of the hit TV series Bones, is the latest addition to our veg celebrity Hall of Fame.  She first went vegetarian as a teen, and then later vegan, crediting the book, “Diet for a New America,” for the initial idea of making a change. She says “I do think vegetarianism is the … Continue reading

Modern day Hercules is Vegan

He’s a modern day Hercules! Moments after apparently carrying more weight than anyone ever before, German strongman Patrik Baboumian let out a roar and a couple seemingly unlikely words “Vegan power.”  The 34-year-old, who already holds world records for log lifts and overhead beer keg lifts, carried a yoke loaded with just over 550 kilograms … Continue reading

From The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to the Girl with the Vegan Menu!

Actress Rooney Mara has gone vegan! She’s gone from being The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to the Girl with the Vegan Menu! She just celebrated her new movie Ain’t Them Bodies Saints at the Sundance Film Festival where she indulged in cabbage spring rolls, green tea sorbet with berries and forbidden tofu, which is … Continue reading

Want to work with Paul McCartney? Go vegan

Want to work on one of Sir Paul McCartney’s productions? Leave your hamburgers at home. Sir Paul has told his staff members who were setting up for his August 14 concert that they must emulate his strict vegan diet for one week. And it’s not easy work. Constructing the stage on its own required 30 … Continue reading

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