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Why is it important for America to change the food it eats?

The following is an extract from our latest book, Say No to Meat, by Amanda Strombom and Stewart Rose. You can learn more about our book, and buy a copy online, at Raising meat is weakening America and threatening our future. That burger at McDonald’s may cost only a dollar but it’s really very … Continue reading

Link Between Diet and Crime?

In this posting we explore an issue on the very edge of research and investigation where the information available is limited and still very preliminary but is nevertheless intriguing. We’re going to take a look at the link between crime and diet. The questions are: Could violence and crime be caused in some measure by … Continue reading

Aren’t Our Bodies Designed to Eat Meat?

              This is an extract from our latest book, Say No to Meat, by Amanda Strombom and Stewart Rose.  For more information about the book, or to purchase online, see Aren’t our bodies designed to eat meat? Just ask yourself this question: Can you or anyone you know … Continue reading

A Better Burger for the First Lady

The news is all abuzz lately about First Lady Michelle Obama’s visit to the fast food joint Shake Shack on Monday, and the 1700 calorie, high fat and cholesterol, lunch she had there. Over the past couple of years we’ve admired the attention the First Lady has paid to nutritional issues, and have also listened as … Continue reading

Our Latest Book – Say No to Meat

Our newest book is a quick, easy and complete guide to all things vegetarian. It gives information and real-world advice that new vegetarians need the most, and  answers the questions that other books are afraid to ask, such as: Why is a vegetarian diet so much better for our health? What really happens to farm animals? … Continue reading

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