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Luscious Lentils

Of all the legumes to choose from, lentils are some of the most nutritious, and easiest to cook. They don’t need to be pre-soaked, and cook in 20-30 minutes, making them suitable for weeknight dinners. Varieties include common brown lentils, also known as green lentils; French green lentils, also called lentilles de Puy; beluga lentils … Continue reading

New Vegan Burger at Dennys

It’s 2 am you’re still up, you’ve got the munchies, almost no restaurants are still open and you’re a vegan ( or vegetarian). Or, perhaps you’re on the road in a town that has few veg options and you’re looking for a solid vegan burger and something to go with it. Now you can go … Continue reading

Scott Jurek – Vegan Ultrathon Champion

According to Chris McDougall, author of “Born to Run”, Scott Jurek is the top ultrathon runner in the US, maybe in the world, arguably of all time. His biography lists victories in almost all the major ultrathon races on both trail and road, across the world, including the Spartathon, a 153 mile race from Athens to Sparta in … Continue reading

France Bans Vegetarian Options in Schools

France has taken a bold step in the wrong direction and it’s one that, if not overturned, could hurt every vegetarian student in the country. A decree and bylaw, published in the “Journal Officiel” on October 2nd, forces school canteens to respect a set of standards meant to guarantee the nutritional balance of the meals. … Continue reading

Grass-Fed Beef – bad for us and for the planet

Recently, some people have been touting grass-fed beef as eliminating all the problems associated with meat, or as an equivalent alternative to going vegetarian. Don’t fall for it. Grass-fed beef is still bad for us, the environment and, of course, the cows. Let’s take a look and see what some leading veg-authors have to say … Continue reading

Constipation – the consequences of a meat-centered diet

Let’s talk about constipation. It may be an embarrassing topic, but did you know that there’s a big vegetarian advantage when it comes to preventing and treating constipation, and some more serious colon health problems, that are so common in our meat-centered society? When it comes to constipation, the sales figures for laxatives tell the … Continue reading

Comfortably Unaware – New book turns up the volume on the Veg-Environmental Message

Comfortably Unaware, by Richard Oppenlander, is destined to become a landmark book discussed for years to come. The message of this book is loud and clear: the production of meat and other animal products is wrecking the environment.  It’s time for environmentalists and the public at large to wake up, face the facts, come out … Continue reading

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