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Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Acorn, butternut and kabocha squash can be cut in half and filled with a delicious stuffing to provide the perfect centerpiece to any holiday table.  Here are some recipes to form the centerpiece of a truly delicious Thanksgiving Feast: Reprinted from with permission Stuffed Winter Squash Makes 6 servings Golden squash halves, mounded with stuffing and topped with apricot … Continue reading

How to Handle Family Thanksgiving Dinner

You’ve just become a vegetarian, and you’re expected at Grandma’s for Thanksgiving Dinner.  You haven’t yet told your Grandma about your new food preferences, and you’re worried that she won’t understand.  What are you going to do? The first thing to remember is that Grandma is not really serving turkey. She’s serving love and it’s … Continue reading

How to Save a Thanksgiving Turkey

Of course the best way to save a Thanksgiving turkey is by having a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner. Every year 300 million turkeys are raised and slaughtered for food, and 46 million of those will be eaten on Thanksgiving alone. Every vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner will reduce the number of turkeys slaughtered for the dinner. Fortunately, there … Continue reading

Thanksgiving for 7 Billion – the veg solution

It’s official. The world’s population now stands at 7 Billion. This year our Thanksgiving diners face challenges as never before. Over a billion people are living with chronic hunger and malnutrition, and rising food prices are challenging the household budgets of the other 6 billion.  What many people don’t know is that it is meat … Continue reading

Veggie leads Cardinals to World Series Win

Vegetarian for over 30 years, Tony LaRussa has just led the St. Louis Cardinals to a big World Series win. The 67-year-old St. Louis Cardinals manager, fresh off winning his third world championship ring, announced his retirement on Monday after 33 seasons of managing in the major leagues, the last 16 with the Cardinals, who wrapped … Continue reading

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