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Perfect Parsnips

Parsnips are root vegetables, similar to a carrot but golden yellow in color, with creamy-white flesh. They have a strong sweet flavor, and provide useful amounts of folic acid, B and C vitamins, plus plenty of dietary fiber. To prepare parsnips, top and tail, then scrub thoroughly or peel them.  You can then boil them until soft, and include … Continue reading

Glee Club Member (Lea Michele) Goes Vegan

Twenty-five year old New Yorker, Lea Michele, plays Glee club member Rachel Berry in the FOX musical comedy series “Glee”.  She began her on-screen career in 2000, appearing on an episode of the show “Third Watch”, before being cast on Glee. She was nominated for an Emmy for her role in the series. Michele also … Continue reading

The Gift of Life

For many people, the holiday season is a time for gift giving.  We consider following a vegetarian diet a profound way of giving the most precious gift of all, the gift of life.  Consider that, on average, vegetarians live longer and healthier lives than non-vegetarians. In fact, those who have followed a vegetarian diet for … Continue reading

Calling all Veg-Friendly Healthcare Providers

Here at Vegetarians of Washington, we are often asked for recommendations of vegetarian or veg-friendly healthcare providers.  If you are a healthcare provider of any kind, licensed in the state of Washington, and you are either vegetarian or vegan yourself, or you consider it to be a very healthy choice for your patients to make, … Continue reading

Horse Meat Ban Lifted – Run, Rudolf, Run, you may be next!

Congress has just lifted its ban on horse meat (individual state bans may still be in effect). Continuing its zig-zag and flip-flop pattern when it comes to food and nutrition, and after launching campaigns to eat more fruits and vegetables, Congress gave us just what we don’t need – yet another source of saturated fat … Continue reading

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